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    Quick Made Flip (No editin)

    Take it easy on me, I'm rusty

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    Re: Quick Made Flip (No editin)

    The run started off nice, but I think the back should have straightened out before reaching the wall. The flip also started off pretty well, but then half way through he get a quick bolt of speed and flips quicker. When you're in the air and flipping, you should keep consistent speed until you tuck, and even then the speed change isnt my too too much. Another thing is the end pose was a little odd, but other than that, it was very well done, especially for someone who didnt edit and is as rusty as you Crafty


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    Re: Quick Made Flip (No editin)

    Quote Originally Posted by S3M3NLickingMachine
    Take it easy on me, I'm rusty
    I have an idea you feel rusty right?
    and its not edited right?
    how about editing instead?
    problem solved :3


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