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    dont get excited


    came to check messages, have this as a leaving present

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    Re: dont get excited

    fucking incredible

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    Re: dont get excited

    Vagic plz quit being ridiculous.

    Also, the animations were awesome and probably thread-worthy.

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    Re: dont get excited

    C ya man . Nice animations btw, Oh and fuck you too.
    Removed* I need a sig.

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    Re: dont get excited

    oh noez don't leave us Beginners will die if you leave D:
    and awesome anims.
    The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.
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    Re: dont get excited

    Didn't like the first one in particular, but oh my god the last one was amazing.

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    Re: dont get excited

    The moves on the vertical one were orgasmic. Really fucking sweet. REALLY FUCKING SWEET. I mean, I was really impressed by the flow you managed to pull off.


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    Tychus Findlay

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    Re: dont get excited

    Those were all really well done. The effect in the second one was really cool and the movements in the third one were fucking phenomenal. The 3D you used was ace, almost like it was done in flash.

    And I know your really upset with the forum right now, but stop and think about your decision for a minute. I can't obviously change your mind for you, but a lot of people around these forums will definitely miss you if you decide to leave. It's nothing to get upset over, just ignore it and continue on with your life. If it's a certain person thats aggravating you, then simply don't comment on that persons thread.

    @Kellawgs: He's not being ridiculous. He makes complete sense in my opinion, but leaving the forum isn't going to make things better.

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    Re: dont get excited

    Those poses... HNNNG
    xbx is gud
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    Re: dont get excited

    I can't believe you're quitting because you got into a very very minor and small argument over nothing. If I bitched out like you are, I would have been gone after my first post here on DD.
    It's obvious you're not going to stay, so I'll say this:

    Your opinion is not always right. No one is ever right every single time they say something. And no matter how much you may act like it, you do not know everything, and are not right in every single way. I read the comments between everyone and Lithium, you were all wrong and were all right. Lithium did not have a big personal go at you, so I don't know why you are acting like an immature child and leaving over something so small. But unlike Lithium, I will have a personal attack at you.
    Your confidence is way too high, so is your pride. You are arrogant, to the point where you were always going to fight back against the authority figures on this site when something didn't go your way, or someone called you out for being wrong. I've sat quiet throughout this entire thing, but I have watched your comments for a while, and have noted on this massive sense of self worth you carry, to the point where you view yourself above everyone else. It is evident in your posts.
    Like I said earlier, you need to realise you are not going to be right in every situation, and you need to take your head out of your ass and open your mind to other peoples opinions, whether it is my opinion which I've just stated, Lithiums, or any other person you interact with on the internet or in real life.


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