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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    I really suck with reactions. Can't figure out how to get this one right

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    Re: Need some help

    I personally pride myself on very good reactions, but it's hard to really do good reactions when the situation wouldn't happen in the first place. Look at stickfigure #2. he's running unarmed at a stickfigure who is skilled with his weapon, and he's not even preparing to punch or kick or tackle him. he's just jogging like it's his morning routine.

    I suggest changing him so he's charging for a punch or something, and then as he gets closer on the approach, leaning more backwards and appearing less committed when the swordsman begins his swing.

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    Re: Need some help

    Those sword poses weren't to good. The wing should have been more fast paced then that.
    And add some trails or something it makes look heaps better . That animation was kinda cool any way.

    Oh also I wouldn't have used that starting pose for a sword swing in the first place, I would made do like a samurai stance ( He would be hold the sword in front of him) Or have him move into that stance before having the other guy running towards him. So I suggest you think over some of those moves and search for some swing references .


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