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Thread: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

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    Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    I know my acrobatics animations get a lot of flak for being too similar and repetitive, and i get told constantly i should do a fight combo, or something with a story, or something artsy, but in reality, I think that the reason that people consider acrobatics repetitive is because they're looking at them the wrong way. Fights are repetitive if you consider them all just combinations of punches, kicks, and reactions, so it would only make sense that tumbling is considered repetitive if you lump it all under the general heading of "acrobatics" (which can mean most anything). If you just consider everything a combination of flips, twists, and jumps, you're going to have a bad time. Instead, if you look at the technique, the physics, the personality and style of the character, and the level of ability that the animation conveys, then you'll quickly see that no two things i've animated have been the same.

    Here I've animated the same basic combo twice. although it is technically the same exact tricks, (frontflip, brandy, 2 backflips), the 2 anims are drastically different in their style and execution, which serves to illustrate the true uniqueness of each and every "acrobatics" animation, even simple black and white ones.

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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    It's just that people generally tend to keep a certain pace throughout the entire animation, you also do it. That's the repetitive thing about it. The animation was good as alway though.

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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    I think you're not getting the point of the people saying it is repetitive. It's just as if someone just animated fighting combos, even if they're different from each other, at the end all he does is combos.

    The thing here it's that even though all of them are different movements and orders, they'd like to see you do something different. Don't get me wrong I think you're a great animator, I'm amazed by the amount of realism your movements get, but you commonly just animate acrobatics on a white background. Yeah you pull off the movements amazingly, but its plain to the eye to see, there's really nothing new going on. The point isn't acrobatics being repetitive, but that you're in that comfort zone.

    If that's what you enjoy doing well then that's pretty fine, after all animating is a hobby and something you should enjoy doing, don't take in mind if some others don't like your animations, I know many do like them so that's good enough. But if you're aiming to entertain people then I'd suggest trying to vary your animations a bit more than acrobatics, or add more to the acrobatics, either it being effects or backgrounds, the stick could be still doing acrobatics, but adding something else to it, a background and camera movements for example would make a big difference in my opinion. your movements are great, so you maybe should try to improve your skills on the other features of animation to further improve your skills.

    Hope you don't take what I said offensively I'm just trying to help. I'd really love to see what you would be able to do if you added more to your animations that's all. Just do what you enjoy.

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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    So the flips are different. Its still acrobatics? And people often add stylistic twists to fights.
    You can animate what you want and that's fine. But accept the fact that people are also gonna say what they want.
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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    It just gets boring because they are always short and just some random combinations. You can also do acrobatic animations with angles and all that shit and there would be nothing repitive about it even if it is a short animation.
    The thing which impresses me is the creativity in doing those combinations of movements. We already know that your tricking animations are great but there is not that kind of "Boom" which blows our minds anymore because we get used to your kind of animations.

    Try to get some fresh ideas for your tricking animations and everyone will love you.
    Olix flix is the best example. He did so much different kind of animations and that is why he is one of those people everyone looks up to and everyone is excited about if he does something.

    Just my opinion, keep animating my friend.
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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    wh y does anyone care?

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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    No big text here, simple as that: If someone starts to do realistic animations about dancing and can name all the different moves in their correct terms, it's still going to be boring after a while, at least for some people. It has nothing to do with animation in general, more with the community. DD loves new shit to death until it's not new anymore, then you get shit for it.

    Animation was cool, not entertaining in the least, for me but well executed.

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    Re: Why Acrobatics Isn't Repetitive

    You can animate what you like, the only thing that bothers me is how but hurt you get about this sometimes :/


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