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    Current Standards?

    I haven't been here in years and I see the site's all changed. I'm sure the standards for quality have changed too. I churned this quick little almost-loop out in about 20 minutes after stumbling across my old DD bookmark and feeling inspired. I see Pivot 4 is out now too? Holy shit. Couldn't find a download link though. Not a safe one at least.

    Anyway, I figured I'd post the .gif here so my time doesn't completely go to waste. Not necessarily looking for hard-eyed critique, but I'd like to know where this sort of thing would stand these days if anyone's browsing the new(?) Anonymous board.

    Turns out I forgot how to set the frame delay because this is much slower than I intended, but all's well. I freehanded those trails in too which I realize looks god awful. Sorry for the eyesore; it probably would have been better off without them.

    Edit: It doesn't automatically set me to "Guest," huh?

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    I'd say it would be med, maybe high, beginner in my opinion. The foot placement needs work and the legs are everywhere.
    See You Space Honkboy...

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    The forum just changed domain, at the moment the anonymous function has been disabled, it will either soon be fixed or the section will be scrapped depending on how DarkAdmin sees it. Seeing as your identity is revealed this thread belongs more in the freestyle, so I'll move it.


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