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    DarkBert's Revenge Chapter 1

    Hey guys!
    Just wanna share with you an animation that I made befor I joined to Animator.net.
    Most of the people here didn't like it, yeah this is old...but not so much old.
    I know there are a lot of flaws in this animation, that was very hard to make something like that cuz it's very long.
    Don't tell me on what to work cuz I know that already, don't rank me, I upload this to here just for fun!
    I think it is very fun to watch, I know this is low beginner quality and I much better now so don't tell me on waht to work, I hate it.
    Just tell me if you liked it but I don't want CC.
    I know there are very darkbert tributes and it is very unoriginal but it has a interesting story, I guess.

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