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    Yup, here are some of my animations while I'm on vacation (2 weeks). I appreciate some CCs
    Ummm. Nothing left to say.
    Yep, here they are:

    Yes, this one. This is my newest animation. NOT DONE YET. Still in progress. I know the idea of the "2013 V.S. 2014" stuff sucks, so I decided That I'll remove that thang (that thing in the upper-left).

    I decided to test an animated punch+jump+kick move. I think I did it really terrible. Comment what you think!

    I'm a huge (I mean HUGE) fan of Dragon Ball, so I decided to make this one. Oh, after watching the Battle of the Gods, I am reaaalllyyy inspired in making this.

    For me, this is my BEST punch test evah. It took me 5 hours to animate this (with snack breaks of course). Hope you like it. <3

    This is my first effect test. The first effect was made by me. And the other one, I downloaded it from the net (don't know who made it, but still, he's/she's AWESOME). Oh, another thing: Notice the guy disappeared? That's my mistake. I always start my animations without the bad guy (the one who's getting his ass kicked). Then at some point, I forgot to animate that guy... so yep. He disappeared.

    Anyways, that's all of my animations. Please, I appreciate CCs. And one more thing, please rate :3

    ... and as always:
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