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Thread: Hit by a ball.

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    Hit by a ball.

    Any tips?
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    Well, it seems the stickman fell on his own. Maybe he felt dizzy -> should add an effect on his head, like a rotating spring.

    I don't know why the screen goes red when he falling. Getting hit by a ball, that's OK, but falling like that, no. (except if there was a deadly spike on the floor)

    The ball has two different physics in this anim.
    -going down regulary on a medium distance
    -going down pretty fast on a very short distance.

    This little contradiction could shock many of us, as me. Try to change the behavior of the ball toward gravity on one of the phases.

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    Anton has some good points, but I disagree on what he said about the dizzy effect. You animated the figure's reaction pretty well after being hit with the ball, and I could tell that he was disoriented before he fell. If you can convey feelings like that without the use of cartoonish effects, then I think you're better off. Of course, that shouldn't stop you from adding effects like a rotating spring or circling birds if you feel it fits the mood and style of your animation.

    Just my two cents!
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