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    May 2011
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    Post King's Games Animation Teaser

    Yo wassup BR here and I'm here to Tell Everyone That I'm currently working on an Animation which I decided to call King's Games

    *Note: This is just a Demo Pre,Pre,Pre,Pre-Alpha So don't Bother Rating

    First of all it will be a Video and not Gif type Animation, but made Completely in Pivot. I will be posting it here and at Hyun's Dojo
    I don't Know, but maybe someone Here wants to Make it a Collab(because it's a good Concept for Collab),
    so I'm going to make a poll here.

    If at least 10 people who are High-Beginners or Higher Would like to Participate then I will post an Info on Collab and What are the requirements,
    and if not..... well ill just make it alone cry(
    I will give this Poll about 2 weeks to go on so that people may see this and think about it. After 2 weeks there are 2 options:
    Option Nr.1: I will release info about Collab and requirements.
    Option Nr.2: I will Cry in a corner and make it alone.

    If you are reading This, then you are Awesome!

    Discussing 'bout Eminem
    Courtesy Bro
    My Animation Thread

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    Jul 2013
    I wouldn't expect anyone high beginner to work on lower ranked pivoteers animations. No offense of course, but I don't think you're at that rank yet. But I haven't really seen any of your animations :T. Anyways, looking forward to it.


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