Hey! I am soon uploading my first ever ever fight animation - THE DREADED! Its on 2 stickmens who challenge themself that they turn into some half invicible forms and they challenge to who die first.

This is a 2 part fight animation, the first part will be up next week, and when i finish part 1, ill start working on part 2 as quick i can.

Here are some screenshots (From animation making, this is not final yet so except for changes)

Part 1 -

a screenshot of the sword fight after the 1st round.

Here comes the beam!

A fancy transformation.... What it could be?

Part 2 -

Epic Air fight

"Im not done yet." - Stickman 2 before he turns into his final form

The ultimate final battle screenshot.

The rest is spoilers so dont ask for screenshots.

Ill upload later the youtube channel its going to be uplodaded!