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    Zelda Twilight Princess Megathread

    So the project started in summer 2000. along with luigi mansion demo and some metroid footage. The game was going to be scheduled for november 05. But, in august 05, Nintendo anounced it will be for march 31, 06. Later anounced it would be for fall 06.
    It was on september 14, 06 that nintendo officially anounced the launch date: november 19 in america, both versiom (wii and gc) will be launch december 2 in japan. and dec 8 in europe and Australia.
    Gamecube version will be launch 11 dec in north america.

    I checked some review. and facinating, it's all positive. It is marked as the best Zelda game ever. Ign gave an impresive note of 95%, or 9.5/10. The lowest ranking was from gamespot who gave a 8.8/10.

    Now what is new in this version? Of course, you can see it's darker version of the last zelda 3d. Known as Windwaker. And that's good. It is the first game rated t for animated blood and fantasy violence(Something like that) So it basicly hit an older audience.

    A list of 9 dungeons and 11boss will appear (3 boss at the hyrule castle)

    Forest Temple
    Twilit Parasite, Diababa is the major boss from the forest temple -the first dungeon in the game-, first seen in the third trailer and later in the E3 2005-demo. He resembles a towering Deku Baba-plant with one eye, with two plants on his sides. The baboon, which was previously fought as a mini-boss, allies with you now and swings back and forth across the room along a vine, carrying an explosive insect. Link must use his Gale Boomerang to snatch the bomb and hurl it into the big plant. When the plant is hit, it will give Link an opportunity to slash away at its exposed eye.
    Goron Mines
    Twilit Igniter, Fyrus [17] - a boss, briefly featured in the first trailer at E³ 2004, and included in the E³ 2006 demo, is a giant figure of flame with a dangerous-looking chain, which was used as a whip to knock Link to the ground in the Goron Mines. When Link enters the boss room, the monster seems to be captured in some way (there are chains securing its arms to two columns and it legs to the floor). Link must blind the creature, pull on the chains to topple it by using the Magnetic Iron Boots, then attack it. This boss is in the second dungeon of the game.

    Lakebed Temple
    Twilit Aquatic, Morpheel
    The battle starts with Morpheel in the center of room and a eye ball that floats through Morhpeel's tentacles which you must use the clawshot on then stab. Then after a few rounds of stabbing the eye Morpheel willcome out of the hole in the center of the room. You must then use the claw shot on the eye again and stab the eye yet again.

    Arbiter's Grounds
    Twilit Fossil, Stallord a big boss figure of the enemy Stalfos. It is awaken by Zant when Link walks into the boss room. Link must use the Spinner to get behind it and hit its spine. After a few hits it will collapse and its head will remain. The platform becomes a tower and Link must use the Spinner to get around the tower and chase Stallord.

    Snowpeak Ruins
    Twilit Ice Mass, Blizzeta one of Link's friends who becomes evil because of her love for the mirror. Link must use the Ball and Chain to crush the ice coating Blizzeta and avoid the falling ice blocks in the second form while trying to hit the ice which surrounds Blizzeta

    Temple of Time
    Twilit Arachnid, Armogohma a gigantic spider seen crawling on the ceiling upside-down. Link must shoot it off the ceiling with the Bow then wake the statue at the side of the room to hammer Armogohma down.

    City in the Sky
    Twilit Dragon, Argorok a dragon lurking at the top of the tower in the City of the Sky. It will not realise you until you destroy its armour using the Double Clawshot and the Iron Boots. When you do that twice, it will plant some flying plants which you can Double Clawshot and swiftly move to behind Argorok and climb onto its back using the Double Clawshot. Then you can attack it and after a while it will fall to the floor.

    Palace of Twilight
    Usurper King, Zant the King of Twilight, creates Twilight Portals rather than attacking you directly. Link must get to Zant as quickly as possible and hit him as many times as possible otherwise he will just disappear after calling some enemies from the portal.

    Hyrule Castle
    Ganon's Puppet, Zelda is Ganon's spirit controlling Zelda. Link must knock back the light balls that shoot towards you using the sword at her.
    Dark Beast, Ganon is Ganon's second form. It will run at mighty pace towards you and you must wait until it disappears and aim your bow at one of the portals you see. If you are lucky Ganon will come out of that portal and quickly fire your arrows. Ganon's collapses for Link to attack its unguarded stomach.
    Dark Lord, Ganondorf is Ganon's last form. Link first fights him on horseback. Link must get Zelda to hit Ganon with a light arrow slowing him down for Link to hit. Link then must have one-on-one sword battle with Ganondorf. Hit him while dodging his sword attacks. You must use the Finishing Blow to kill him off.
    Animals play a large role in twilight, for example, Epona will return once more. On the footage, you can see a hawk bird getting on link's arm. Etc...

    Unlike Windwaker, the enemy AI will be... cooler. A classic enemy from ocarina of time will appear: Stalfos:

    Also, do you remember the darknuts in windwaker? Those black soldier with big armor? If yes, there is a new version for Twilight:

    More enemy to see. :P

    So now what's the story?

    The game begins with Link living in Ordon village, working as a ranch hand. This changes, however, when he is asked by Rusl, the village’s blacksmith, to visit the Hyrule Castle to deliver in his stead the Ordon Sword and Shield they requested. Before he can begin his journey, however, Link, Ilia, (the mayor’s daughter), and Rusl's son Colin are ambushed by a group of monsters. Ilia and Colin are kidnapped while Link is knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, he pursues and battles their leader on horseback. After Link enters the Twilight Realm, which normally reduces people to spirit form, he is transformed into a wolf instead. Then he is captured and imprisoned in a castle. With the help of a strange creature named Midna, he escapes and they join forces.

    It is soon discovered that Zant, a member of the race known as the Twili, is trying to merge the Twilight Realm and Hyrule to make them one land of darkness. In order to defeat Zant, Midna is searching for a sacred weapon called the Fused Shadow that she can use to defeat Zant and save the Twilight Realm and Hyrule.

    During the quest to assemble this weapon, it is discovered that the Twili are a race of beings who exist in the Twilight Realm after being banished there by the gods of Hyrule. The story goes that the three goddesses created Hyrule and left the Triforce in the Sacred Realm. For ages, Hyrule lived at peace, until one day interlopers with great magic went to the Sacred Realm in order to establish dominion over it and a war broke out in Hyrule. After these sorcerers became too powerful, the goddesses sent three light spirits to seal away the beings' magic, and apparently, sealed the beings themselves away into another realm known as the Twilight Realm. The goddesses then bestowed upon the Sages of Hyrule the Mirror of Twilight, a device to banish beings into the Twilight Realm (though it can also be used to enter the realm normally).[10]

    After many trials, the Fused Shadow is re-assembled. Zant appears and subdues the Light Spirits and renders Midna near death by granting Midna her "wish" to be among those who live in the light of Hyrule (she is a Twilight being and the light is lethal to them), and thus allowing her to exist outside of the Twilight Realm. Wolf Link tries to stop Zant, but is tossed aside after getting a stone embedded into his head that will permanently keep him in wolf form. Zant then flees, and Link flees with Midna back to Hyrule Castle to seek aid from Princess Zelda.

    At Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda, reveals the only way Link can return back to his normal form is to find the Master Sword. Midna's life is fading away and is about to make a last request when Zelda grabs Midna's hand and apparently gives her "spirit" to Midna to revive her, and then promptly vanishes from existence (she somehow leaves behind a mortal body, which you see later). Midna and Link then venture deep into the Sacred Grove and finally unearth the Master Sword.

    Midna then reveals the only way to save Hyrule and stop Zant is to find the Mirror of Twilight and use it to confront Zant with the Master Sword. However, when Link and Midna reach it, Zant had already broken it into four fragments, no doubt anticipating this course of action by those wishing to thwart his plans. Only one fragment of the Mirror of Twilight remains. As Midna becomes dejected, the ancient Sages appear and reveal the story of how Ganondorf was actually sealed into the Twilight Realm long ago after he was captured by the Sages. Even as he is impaled by a sword of light, Ganondorf attempted to escape imprisonment using the Triforce of Power. He slays a Sage before the remaining Sages use the Mirror of Twilight to seal Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm. The Sages reveal that only the true Ruler of the Twili could destroy the Mirror of Twilight, and that Zant was only powerful enough to shatter it. The duo then set off to find the remaining fragments of the Mirror of Twilight.

    Link and Midna venture out and recover the fragments of the Mirror of Twilight and eventually warp to the Twilight Realm, where Zant rules in the Palace of Twilight. Link and Midna confront Zant and finally learn that Zant was actually in line to become the true Twilight King, but was passed over. When Zant was bypassed in the choice for ruler, he went into a crazed rage and was approached by the spirit of Ganondorf, and was selected as a host for the King of Evil. We also learn Midna is the Twilight Princess, who was overthrown by Zant and turned into an imp by his power, which was given to him by Ganondorf.

    Link defeats Zant, and finally returns to Hyrule to save Zelda. The castle is engulfed by a barrier erected by Zant, and Midna uses the sacred weapon to break it. The duo infiltrate Hyrule Castle and reach the top throne room to find Zelda lifeless, and Ganondorf sitting at the throne. Ganondorf possesses Princess Zelda, and fights Link. Link knocks her out, and Midna then uses the Fused Shadow to purge Zelda of Ganondorf. Ganondorf then turns into a beast-like form of Ganon and attacks Link. Link slays the beast, and Zelda's soul is returned to her body. Soon after the trio are reunited, Ganondorf's soul begins to approach. Midna once again uses the Fused Shadow to warp Link and Zelda to safety in Hyrule field, and then tries to destroy Ganondorf.

    As Link and Zelda appear in Hyrule Field, they turn to Hyrule Castle as it explodes. Ganondorf then appears on horseback, holding Midna's helmet as it crumbles in his hands. He then charges at Link and Zelda along with several spirits on horseback. Ganondorf is about to slay Zelda and Link when Princess Zelda uses her divine power to summon the light spirits. The spirits bestow upon her the Light Arrows, and then Link and Zelda re-appear in Hyrule Field on Epona and charge off after Ganondorf. Ultimately he falls in battle, only to come forth and challenge Link to a one-on-one battle. In the end, Link runs Ganondorf through with the Master Sword. Zant then kills himself by snapping his own neck, and thus through his connection to Ganondorf, kills his mortal body and the Triforce symbol fades from Ganondorf's hand. It is not exactly clear what fate Ganondorf meets because he is left standing in Hyrule Field when Link and Zelda leave him.

    The light spirits then appear and have revived Midna into her normal form. After Link and Zelda are reunited with her, they travel to the Mirror of Twilight where Midna is about to return home. However, as she warps away, she uses one of her own tears to shatter the Mirror of Twilight, forever sealing off the road between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm. Link returns the Master Sword and then departs on Epona, apparently leaving behind Ordon Village to set off into the world
    END OF SPOIL!!!!!!!

    So it's time for some video:

    Ign review:http://youtube.com/watch?v=d2VErEBVwy0
    Demo/Boss fight: http://youtube.com/watch?v=sPwNml8Ig44
    begining/some story + Some minigame: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RteZSP96jms

    The end!

    All quotes are from wikipedia.

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    I am a huge fan of Zelda games, they just have a great storyline and they are just so fun to play. I would have to say that my favorite game ever is the Ocarina of Time, it's just a sweet game. Now that the Wii's out, I can't wait to get it, and Twilight Princess also. Yes I've been reading a lot of stuff about this and watching a lot of game play footage, and I haven't heard really anything bad about it. It just looks amazing!

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    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham136
    Same here.
    That was spam, refrain from two word posting, try putting more than 4 words next time please.

    From what I read on IGN or somewhere it said that this game is pushing the Wii to it's limit and it looks good, but wouldn't it be akward to play with the Nun-chucks? I would just use a paddle.

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    I was waiting for Skyterror to get this so I could play it, and today, I got the chance to play it (finally) and let me tell you it is amazing, the graphichs aren't the best, but when you are playing you get so immersed that you don't really notice the graphics anymore.


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