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    Half-Life:Episode 2 and Portals.

    Valve is doing a magnificent job in the development of this game, they are re-vamping the engine, shadowing, Depth of Field, Motion Blurring, whole new look but the same Half-Life feel.
    And Portals they're including with Episode 2 I think, pretty awesome, definately an innovative step, I know they got the Idea from some other game, but they are taking it and making it way better .
    I am most concerned whether I can run it or not D: , game is gonna be demanding as ever I am assuming.
    So everybody upgrade your comps like you did before Doom 3 came out because it's Deja-Vu ;D .

    What do you guys think of this game?
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    Half life

    Half life games have allways been good they are 50x as good as splintercellm and thats pretty good.

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    I'm pretty excited about Ep 2, I think I may be looking more forward to portal than the actual expansion though :P

    Hopefully I'll be getting a dual-core before it comes out, but I'm not upgrading just for this game.

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    yes plz

    Re: Half-Life:Episode 2 and Portals.

    Quote Originally Posted by FryLock4
    I know they got the Idea from some other game
    Actually they went to a game design college and bought the idea from a group of students and hired them.

    EP2 and Portals look awesome, I can't wait.


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