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    Marshmallows' small LAN party tutorial for complete n00bs

    Okies I'm doing a guide of how to set up your own small LAN party


    Well, for those who don't know, a LAN party is basically where a bunch of people bring their PC's round to somewhere and play games non-stop.

    Planning a LAN party

    You need to put your planning into 4 sections:

    -People coming
    -Games to be played
    -Date / how long it lasts
    -Stuff you need

    People coming
    Well, for a small LAN party, you should invite about 3-10 people. Under 3 is just boring and over 10, well, unless you own a massive hall there probably won't be enough space. Hence the SMALL lan party.

    Games to be played

    In my ideal LAN party, there would be only 2 genres of games played: RTS and FPS

    FPS games- First Person shooters (CS:Source, Battlefield 2 etc.)
    RTS games- Real Time Strategy (Command & Conquer, for example)

    Any game played would obviously have to be multiplayer otherwise there's no point in holding the party.

    But don't play WoW at a LAN party, that's just retarded.

    You have to make sure every member participating has a copy of each game. You could also split the games into tournaments, makes it a bit more organised and is better if you have a lot of people.

    Date / Duration

    Usually LAN parties go on for a weekend: Friday to Sunday morning.
    You also need to make sure the date is convenient for all participants.

    Stuff you need

    Ahah. Equipment you'll need and general stuff you'll require to make your LAN party successful.

    -SPACE! SPACE! SPACE! You'll need a lot of space so participants can be comfortable and have a place to sleep. You should also probably have a chill-out area for when people want a rest- have a TV and a comfy sofa in that area.

    -High-Caffeine drinks. You need to keep your energy up. Coca Cola, Red Bull and Relentless are good examples.

    -Food. Well, not exactly. Food is not totally essential, but you can make players bring their own or you can order pizza. No crisps or nibbles as they make a BIIIIGGGG mess.

    -Equipment. It is eesential that all players in the LAN party bring the following.
    -Uber gaming rigs
    And other stuff YOU'LL need
    - Like, 10 metres of ethernet cable and a router / hub / switch This is essential for networking and is a main part of the LAN party. A router is probably the most common, but all of the routers available SHOULD have some ethernet ports. Switchs and Hubs are better but if it's anly 4-say 5 people a router should suffice.

    Setting up the LAN party
    Right. You have your players. You have all your equipment. Now to actually setting it up.

    For my first LAN party, my router was in my room. And my desk was colossal. This kind of ruled out the SPACE! part. I had to move my bed out of the room.

    But anyways...

    #1. Once everyone has arrived, (you should probably have moved tables into correct places and opened some windows for ventilation beforehand.) you get them to put their PC's into correct places on tables.

    #2. Power sockets people. Make sure you know where your power sockets are, and make sure you have one person to one power socket at any time. Extension cables are gd, but dont have more than one in a socket! this is very important! It could fuse your power in the room which is dangerous for the house / building and everyone's computers. This may mean having to get mega long extension sockets going all over your house, but if that has to happen, do it.

    #3. Plug everyone's PC's in. Make sure everything is functioning correctly. Now get your 10 metres worth of ethernet cable and connect the PC's to the router. (Unless, of course, you told everyone to bring their own cable. But it's always good to have spares)

    #4. Now make everyone plug headphones, mice, keyboards etc into their pc's.

    #5 Go around and help with 'technical difficulties'

    #6. Make sure everyone is comfortable. Now you can begin the ownage.

    NOTE: Make a clear path to the toilet / bathroom. You know what I mean... wink*)

    If anyone has any tips on how to improve this tut, plese PM me. You can also add to this tut by PM'ing me. I hope this helped some people.

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    Yah, i may not use this but still its a good tut, bit random though.

    Oh n btw first reply WOOT.

    offtopic/ i stole your postless virginity.

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    Yah. I'm pretty sure that there isn't going to be 8, $1000 computers in a living room or something without either: stealing them - Your an idiot because it's a power outage waiting to happen. My suggestion is. Maybe if you have 2 or 3 computers in your house, play on those and connect. Also it would cost a SHITLOAD of money in the first place to run all that electricity.

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    If you only use one computer to a socket thing whatever you call thme- power outlet/plug thing (I DUNNO) it won't overload. But if you plug, say, 8 pc's into one socket using an extension socket it'll fuse in about 2 seconds. If you keep it to 1 per person, it won't fuse. Tis why MASSIVE lan parties don't fuse everything. Because they keep limits.

    xD not my electricity money.

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    I have a neighboor down the street who has huge Xbox lan parties ever once in a while. I only get to be in them because his sister (who is 16) is one of my closer friends and invites me. She sucks, but she makes up for it by being attractive, and having big tits.[/offtopic]

    I= had a lan party for rainbow six a while back. There were 5 computers in the room. It was amazing, even tohugh it took an hour or two to set up. This may help me in the future.
    I'm gay.

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    Is it possible to set up LAN partys with laptops?

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    Well, yes, but kinda sucks for gaming unless it's an Alienware or Dell XPS laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallows
    Well, yes, but kinda sucks for gaming unless it's an Alienware or Dell XPS laptop.
    Well depends what game you want to play, there are more hardcore gaming laptops than just alienware or the XPS.

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    true true

    just saying don't use a HP Compaq notebook to play F.E.A.R on xD

    I might take the poll off, because people are just voting 'nay' and not telling me why it's 'nay' and not telling me how to improve it.


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