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    Red Steel: my review [warning: long]

    I just finished Red Steel this week, so I figured I'd help out anyone who's considering it, with a fair review. (unlike gamespot, damn them.)

    I've been sharpening up my
    • skills for this, so I've got every section separated, with a convenient 'pros and cons' area below each.

    • Story 7.0
      The story is mostly original, but nothing amazing. You start out as a bodyguard who's been hired to protect the daughter of a Yakuza boss. you and her have fallen in love and are soon to be married.
      Right in the beginning she is kidnapped, and everything goes downhill from there. I won't add any more on this as I don't want to spoil anything. All in all it's a decent storyline though.
    • fun story, while not brilliant it's still enjoyable

    • around the halfway mark, the story changes directions completely until near the end.[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*] Characters/Voices 7.0
    Many of the main characters are fairly memorable. They all have different personalities, and while you don't often talk to them outside of cutscenes, they're fun to interact with.
    The voice acting is good, however many of the characters are voiced by Japanese people with thick accents, which some may mistake for bad acting. (not true however)
    • Good guys are really likable [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • your fiancée is hot[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    • non-story characters (goons) don't have enough voice actors, many have the same voice [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • ninjas weren't nearly deadly enough. (a real encounter with a ninja would leave you dead within seconds)[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*] Graphics 8.5
    Gamespot constantly bashed the graphics, saying they were worse than gamecube games, and so on. Honestly I think someone gave them some kind of pre-release beta version to review, because they looked fine to me.

    Obviously the graphics are poor compared to stuff like Gears of War, but this isn't the 360, remember?
    The lighting and reflections were nicely done, and most of the textures were sharp. They had a cool volumetric lighting setup that added nicely to outdoor scenes, but I think it was a little overused.
    There was room for improvement, but not bad considering this was a launch title. (generally you don't see great graphics until at least a year after a console's release)
    I promise I'll take some of my own screenshots soon, I'm having hardware difficulties with my PC right now.
    • nice shaders for heat waves and water [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • not much noticeable motion blur [a.k.a. ghosting], even in 480i mode on my 46" HDTV [/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    • volumetric lighting and bloom were overused, which made it less cool looking [/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*]Controls 8.0
    When I first started, I was getting killed almost every time I ran into a bad guy, but by the time I got to Japan, (less than 30% into the story) I was dodging bullets and getting headshots all the time.
    The main thing that frustrated me was that there's no way to switch between right and left handed controls. I'm left handed, so while it took me a good two hours to master the aiming, right handed people should be used to it in half that.

    • easy to master [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • fun to go 'gangsta' style and tilt the pistol sideways[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    • no option to change dominant hand [/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*] Gameplay/length/replayability 7.0/6.0/4.0
    The gameplay was nicely laid out, with plenty of gunfights, and enough rest time in between to keep from wearing you out.
    Swordfights were amazingly fun, even though it isn't possible to move the sword as freely as the gun. However, they were often placed right after a fierce gunfight, with another gunfight directly afterwards. This threw off the flow, and was frustrating at times.

    Length was decent. Nothing compared to Twilight Princess, but not bad.
    It took me about 8 hours and 40 minutes to complete, and I usually got between 'b' and 'c' ratings in time after each level. (I assume that means it'd take about 7:30 to 8:00 if you just ran through it)

    Replayability is pretty low. There's not much to explore or do differently after you've beaten it, so it's unlikely anyone will want to replay it for a few weeks afterwards. (I'm sure I'll play through it again someday)
    • splitting between gun and sword fights kept it from getting too repetitive [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • decent length for what it's worth[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    • could be longer [/*:m:e2u5akh2]
    • small replay value[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*]Immersion 9.0
    I almost never feel like I'm in a game, and the only times I've even been into it enough for something to surprise me were with FEAR and Doom 3 (but only because doom was so freaking dark that I had to sit about 2 inches away from the screen to see anything)
    With Red Steel though, I was always getting all tense whenever I had to swordfight with someone, and my sister kept telling me to stop talking to the TV, which I didn't realize I was doing, and was kind of embarrassing.
    As much as I talked to it though, it never caused me to jump when something came out at me, even on the 'scary' level.
    • fun talking to the characters[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    • they can't hear you[/*:m:e2u5akh2]

    [/*:m:e2u5akh2][*]Misc/ bugs
    Sometimes when moving between gun and sword battles, I somehow had my gun out instead of a sword, but I couldn't shoot, and sometimes I had my sword out instead of a gun, but couldn't slash with it. (you can't use a sword unless you're dueling with another swordsman, and you can't shoot the swordsman)

    There was also 1 time where I killed someone, but they suddenly came back to life, invincible, and with no gun.
    (This was very hard to do though, I had made the guy surrender to me while he was stuck behind a table, and as he put down his gun a grenade blew him up onto the table. I guess this reset his AI and he started running around holding an invisable gun)

    You can't shoot a swordsman. After fighting the same guy 3 or more times and losing, you start wishing you could pull out your pistol and go all Indiana Jones mode.

    Cutscenes aren't skipable. At all.[/*:m:e2u5akh2][/list:u:e2u5akh2][/*:m:e2u5akh2][/list:u:e2u5akh2]

    Overall: 7.5
    A great game to show off the Wii's FPS potential, but there's still some areas where it lacks. (multiplayer mode and the manga-style cutscenes are good examples of what could be improved)

    Considering the game was really only made to get people used to playing FPSs on the Wii, it's a good start

    Well, that's everything, hope it's useful to at least a few people.

    (wow, that was a long one. sorry about that.)

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    Thanks for writing this. A lot of it was as expected and thanks for not being biased IGN/Gamespot nubs. I'm getting Red Steel on Christmas day so yeah I'm excited.

    You wrote a good review, so, like, make more.

    TM - k. Soon as I get something else to review :P

    [add me @ jjknox@gmail.com]

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    Thats a great review. I agree with all the points you made their. This should help people choose if they want this game or not.

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