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    Right some help needed!

    Right I have no idea about my computers hardware but its roughly a year to a year and a half old its a dell with windos xp irght I want to play a downloadable mmorts its requirements are CPU: 1 GHz +
    Video Card: nVidia GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon Series
    Internet Connection: At least 56k modem +
    Software: Java 1.4.2_07+

    But my graphics card could not play bf2142 so do any off think I would be able to play that game?No stupid answers if you dont know dont answer please!

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    it should be able to handle it. The recommended GeForce 2 is an ancient card, so even if you've got an integrated GPU, it'll still run decently.

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    BF2142 wouldn't have a hope in hell of running on a GeForce 2. You should be fine.

    As tm said, if your integrated card is inferior to a GeForce 2, you should really consider upgrading your computer (considering that all your other components would most likely suck as well) You should be fine. I can play WoW on a computer with integrated graphics without a problem, and it's somewhat graphics intensive for an mmorpg.

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