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    Monster Hunter Freedom PSP

    Any one have this game, its real fun. You hunt down and kill monsters and dinasours and stuff. If any one does have it, and they have beaten LV** Yain Kut-Ku dragon, the 1st quest can you tell me what armour,what weapons and any upgrades you have used?
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    i beat a couple of Yian Kut-Ku's.

    the best way to mine in my opinion is to go straight to the 2** Volcano Quest in the guild hall, and before you set off buy a cool drink, 4 pickaxes and a farcaster.

    run to the area with the bullfango in and use the cool drink.

    from there run straight to area 8.

    there are 3 mining spots here that you can get Iron Ore, Disk Stones, Dragonite Ore, Union ore and Earth Crystals from.

    When your mining is finished or when all your pickaxes have broken use the farcaster to go straight back to the base. deliver the Paw Pass and complete the quest.

    My armour for my blademaster is all Ioprey and Steel stuff, +12 defence on everything mostly.
    My weapons are an Agito [shit, i know], Dark Lance and a Cyclone.

    My gunner outfit is Vespoid plate, Velociprey arms, velociprey waist, steel leggings, ioprey hat and my boots are i forget.
    My weapon is a Shotgun[Blood].

    the game is hard but i know a few tricks. letm me know if you need any gathering hints

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