ok now that i have installed hype and now i was wondering if i could play some other ( older ) games that i previously enjoyed . so i scrambled around for some of them and i came across the sims1 , i do have sims 2 but its a lill slo on my computer and i really liked playing the old one ( even though t doesnt have as much tings to do )
and when i tried to install it it was going pefectly . . . until i actually tried to play the game! after autoplay a black screen flashes on and then returns to the desktop..an error report comes up saying bla bla then somethign like the following file will be used in this report:

loads of difrent ones keep coming up
i can run the file in notepad but cant find it in my computer.
Does ne1 no wot i can do to make it work on xp??i no it wrks on lots of peoples but not mine for sum reason. please help!