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    Condemened worth the money?

    Well soon I will have just over 50 bucks and I decided I wanted to buy a game with it. I stopped off at EB Games and looked around and found Codemned Criminal Origins for 30 odd dollars. I read some reviews online and looked through gaming forums and most comments were good.

    I wanted to ask some of the DD members that own the game whether they think the game is worth it or not. I would rent it first but my Blockbuster never has any games so I am stuck buying them and returning them if they suck. I have the demo and loved it but I want the full game. I am running off a standard TV, no fancy addons or plasma screen but It is still decently big so I can still read tiny writing.

    Please answer as soon as possible because I am most likely going back the store tomorrow to buy a game.

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    I have it to my X360 and im playing with good'old tv.
    I actually liked it.
    It was full pack of horror and some shooting too.
    It was scary in so many places and i loved searching those achievements in game like finding all dead birds and finding those secrets rooms in them.
    The investigation things was fun to do.
    I think that you should by it.
    Its a good investigationhorrorshooting game.
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