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    Free Online games

    Here, feel free to post some free online games you would reccomend.

    Mine are:

    Trackmania nations: trackmanianations.com
    WarRock (I'd reccomend waiting until more features and bugs/glitches are fixed before playing): warrock.net

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    well, I'll just list most of the games I've tried

    http://www.eudemonsonline.com - Is kind of fun. Runs out of Japan but is in english. You get these weird animals to follow you around.

    http://www.conqueronline.com - same company as eudemons so a similar idea, but no pets involved and more classes.

    http://www.sgalaxy.com - this is kind of like an online starcraft minus the buildings.

    http://www.mapleglobal.com - I can't highly recommend this game, but is still fun for a bit. t's more of a child level game.

    http://www.kalonline.com - Is also an asian type of game, but was fun when I tried it. I'm not sure but it might be p2p now though.

    http://www.terragaming.net - Errrr... terrible graphics and odd quests, but it does have a fun online community and fun PvP system


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