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Thread: Vista issues

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    Vista issues

    OMG! First of all does anyone here have a dell computer? If so did you recieve the express uprgrade? It's probably in a drawer somewhere right? You'll install it later...well don't! I just tried to do it and my main comp. is totally fucked. It took off all these core files then it asks for a product code, well dell doesn't give it too you. Isn't that nice? Just warning people to absolutely NOT install vista unless they call Microsoft and do it with someone. Otherwise say goodbye to your computer. btw if i come off as flaming just tell me and i'll erase this.

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    I think you might just not understand what they're asking you.
    The product code is probably that shiny green sticker on the side of your case. It will be for XP but should work for the upgrade.

    If it's not, you should really call microsoft or dell. if you've got a legit copy and it won't install, they'll either get it working for you or send you a new copy.

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    Yeah, definitely do not do it.... my sister upgraded on her laptop and all her files were deleted, and it fucked up the system.

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