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    Grand Theft Auto

    ive noticed something about all the gta games that really annoys me..its that they all have the same story line but different times and characters..u start off where something bad happens..
    gta 3 : betrayed by Catlina
    Vice city: Drugs stolen :_)
    San Andreas: momz gets a cap in her ass..
    then u make some friends and the plot twist ends up with u getting backstabbed by the bastardz...
    Gta 3: Salvatore tries to kill u / Catalina tricks u and steals ur money
    Vice city:Lance Vance and Sonny backstab u and try and take ur paper..lol paper
    San Andreas: Ryder and Smoke betray the hell outta u

    although i love these games like i would love my children lol that annoys me so much, it also is getting a little repetitive..wat do u guys think?

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    well, that is the basic storyline for most fictional stories

    Problem (something bad happens)

    story/character building (makes a lot of friends)

    Climax (gets backstabbed)

    so, yeah
    I'm gay.

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    up your....finger
    Yeah hes right its like saying
    wow this horror movie is so bad like it goes like this:
    1: people come to some place
    2: loads of bad things happen and people die
    3: it all ends.


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