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    condemd criminal origins.

    Who has played it?
    I have a few questions about it.
    Anyone that wants to see my animations will have to go to another site to view them. pivot-place look us up.

    For more animations like this you should hop on over to http://www.pivot-place.org/vb
    There are some awesome animators there.

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    i have, made me jump a few times but the only thing i didnt like was how short it is.
    i beat it in 2 nights :|

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    It got way to repetitive, go around the corner, find an enemy and a axe. Use the axe to open a door. More enemies, cutscene. Enemies, axe or crowbar time.

    That was the whole gameplay, storyline sucked ass too I mean, I knew that old guy was just to random to be good and that the Orange shirted guy was crazy.

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