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Thread: Call of duty 2

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    Call of duty 2

    It's weird how hey did it. You can get it gamecube and they will realease the same ame on xbox 360, just a little shinier! adn different ok it will rock on 360 but i bet you it wont be better enough to make the 360 worth buying. sorry I'm a microsoft hater even halo, though the second best shooter, isn't as big as all the hype it gets. Half-life 2 pawns it. any way this threads about call of duty 2 so I'll keep the rest of the micosoft comments to myself. I'm gonna get it for my game cube just to piss people off. tell me if I dont have my fact straight i'm SURE I don't!

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    i am with you. im getting the pc version though.

    it seems that everything microsoft cranks out is crap. example: hotamil, or msn spaces

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    In your diary..
    I played a demo of Call of Duty 2 this morning. Me and my dad were at CCL computers buying a new computer and they had a PC playing it. Some kid was standing on the chair, clueless on how to play. I took over eventually and some noisy kid was like "Shoot him... kill him...YESS"

    You know , I never realised I had a knack for FPS games (-cool_).
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