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    Smod: the ultimate half-life 2 mod

    I don't think many people here play HL2, but if you do, and haven't played smod, then read on.

    This is possibly the coolest mod for half life 2 around. It's a Japaneese mod that adds many new weapons, including a very powerful player 'kick' attack.

    I've been playing the nova prospekt level again, (it's nice and dark/scary:P) and with the new weapons, added blood, and 'bullet time' slo mo effects, it plays almost exactly like 'F.E.A.R.'
    It's very cool

    Anyways, download it here.

    Helpful tips:

    just unzip the 'smod' folder to your steamapps/*username*/sourcemods folder and select it from the play games list.

    for best play: go to options/keyboard, and bind keys to the 'kick' 'toss weapon' and 'bullet time'
    While you're there, go to advanced and enable the developer console.

    console commands:
    (at any time, hit ~ [the key left of the '1' key. may be different on international keyboards] and enter one of these)
    sv_cheats 1 - best to just enter this every time you play
    god - invincibility
    sv_infinite_aux 1 -unlimited aux power, bullet time drains aux so it's good to leave this on also
    exec performance_highspec - use this if you aren't seeing the bullet time effects correctly.

    Hope everyone enjoys this.

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    im getting half life 2 soon, so i cant wait to play the mod!

    [add me @ jjknox@gmail.com]


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