Gmail drive
Ok, you know how gmail has so much space, and there's no real reason for all of it? Well, that's why gmail drive owns. It's a shell extension that pretty much lets you take quite a few files with you anywhere you go. Ok, this is pretty much how it works. You install it, and log in using your screen name. Then, simply enough, you just paste all the files you want in the drive. They have to be under 10 mb, but it's pretty simple to de-compress simple exe's. Now, you may be wondering, what is this for? Then, go on another computer, download gmail drive, and you have access to all your files on it. This is really useful for school on several bases. One, for school projects. It's alot easier to just open this up and take a project from it than getting an external drive scanned, because it might have a "virus". Also, never try emailing your school, it never appears to work for me. It's also damn good for just screwing around. Do you know how much it sucks to have to download photoshop on the school computers because they only have corel draw? It's quite annoying. I have about 30 rars full of micsellaneous photoshop files, and it works fine.

So, in short, it's kinda like a usb drive you can download and login from anywhere

Note, this can be quite buggy, pivot really doesn't wanna go on the drive, so don't be pissed if you can;t add a file