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    Games Ive Missed (360)

    Ok, its my birthday so I got a wad of money to spend

    I was thinking about going to a store and rebuying games and games ive missed.
    things I am thinking about re-buying are:
    Elder Scrolls 4:Oblivion (sold because I kept getting disk read error)
    Saint's Row (Sold because the last few days I played it and kept falling through the floor)

    Any sugestions for games I have not yet played, that might have been good?
    I havent played Bioshock or Lost Planet and am thinking about buying them too.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Skate is awesum. So is Overlord, and also Guitar Hero 3.
    My top 3 other than Halo 3, which I assumed that you have played, cuz everyone has.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    I wouldn't rebuy a game that you've played once and if it hasn't got a strong multiplayer that maybe go buy a new game..

    CoD4 is a good game, as well as halo 3 which both have replay value.

    Perhaps save your cash for a future game for instance Rainbox Six Vegas 2 which comes out this month, something im amped about anyway. GTA4 is also coming in April if that's a game your interested in.

    Happy Birthday by the way.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    I suggest buying Bioshock because of its good reviews. I've tried it and its good
    Lost Planet is good also but Bioshock is way better. Or like said you can wait GTA4 which will be one of my must buy game.
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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Ok think about it do you really want to replay decent games?
    There are tons of new games out that are worth having in your collection.
    [im a microsoft fanboy so if its for 360, im your man DD]


    Games out now;

    Dont get Skate. unless your really into skating games, otherwise it dies quickly.

    Halo is always an OKAY option but i dont see it as a must have [i dont have it D]

    Bioshock is amazing and replay able... but how old are you, it may not be the best game.

    CoD4 is sweet and the multiplayer is much better then that of halo three, but it does get super duper repetitive.

    Guitar hero is fun but a money waster, if you enjoy it this is the best one to get.

    If you like RPG's like hardcore RPG's get blue dragon or eternal sonata, both amazing rpgs with great graphics and long storys to keep you up all night.

    Dead rising is lots and lots of zombie slaying fun and cheap

    Devil may cry 4 is an AMAZING game, IMO but if your not a fan of the series you may consider passing this one up

    Mass Effect is fun but tecnical

    Coming soon;
    Rainbow six vegas 2 is highly anticipated, but if you didnt love the first i wouldnt hold your breath for this game.

    GTA4 if your willing to wait, wait.

    Gears of war 2 no release date yet but im saving 60 bucks in a safe just for the day i can preorder this

    This are all big titles, other then the RPG's and sure there are some other titles to try but i covered the basis of REALLY good 360 games out there

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Skate, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty 4.

    pretty fun games.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Army of Two, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, Bioshock, The Orange Box, Crackdown, and Assassins Creed.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Get bioshock.
    Im thinking about ordering it from my special site for free
    (ive beat it, rent, but its worth getting if i get it for free.)

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Everyone has listed most of the coolest 360 games.
    I personally thought Bioshock wasn't worth a buy. >_>
    And Saint's Row pisses me off because it's a bunch of middle-class white boys in the suburbs who try to act 'gangsta', and slaughter the English language at every turn. It's 'story' is also a horrible piece of sh-garbage.
    It was fun for a few days, running around, blowing stuff up, customizing some cars. Then it just went down hill faster than a sack of babies.(?)

    But Assassin's Creed, Oblivion, and other things of the sort are great.

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    Re: Games Ive Missed (360)

    Id honestly say Bioshock, its an awesome game on 360, lots of game play and so much to do. It was my birthday on the 4th and I might buy it :P
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