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    vegas 2 out already ?

    So the guy i get my backuped games from happend to be laying vegas 2 and said he has been for a while with alot of others online (all english).

    SO i said to myself , how the fuck did he get it ? any ideas , BTW the game rocks.

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    Re: vegas 2 out already ?

    Illegally, that's how. If you get your backup games from some guy, then you have a modded 360, given you need one to run backups. If that's the case, we can't really help you. And after checking some websites, Vegas 2 is readily available if you're willing to break the law. I'm surprised he's able to play it on Live with a hacked 360 though, as he'll probably get banned eventually. Whatever.

    Then again, he could have just gotten a leaked copy. I know some people who got Halo 3 a week before it came out, so I guess it isn't impossible.

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    Re: vegas 2 out already ?

    I havent put much focus on this one, but hasnt it gone gold already, like, its being shipped to stores etc..
    Because stores usually get games about week before release, and well, if you have a friend working at a store, its pretty easy to get a copy before release..

    I used to get games like that, but then my friend got kicked out of the store <.<


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