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    XBOX 360 Vs PS3 - SERIOUS

    Now, first of all, this isn't a competing thread. Don't just say you like em coz dey kul. I want proper proven facts and real information about these consoles. I want to persuade my family to buy one.

    Right now I'm edging towards the PS3. Right now we don't have a DVD player that works and I think the Blue-ray player may be a good idea, as my local electronics store said that blue-ray was winning the war against the HD-DVDs.

    What I want is for people to explain why I should choose the specific console over the other. I havn't got a solid inclination towards one or the other yet. It'd be good to see facts and comparisons as to why I should choose one or the other.


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    Re: XBOX 360 Vs PS3 - SERIOUS

    I'm not going to post a load of specs because that shouldn't dictate which one you buy. I am going to bring up a few points though.

    Online is free which can be a real money saver.
    There's the Blue-Ray player, which is obviously dominant.

    Like I said, I ain't going to post all that specs and that.

    XBox 360
    Online is not free but has a much larger community and works better overall. Is it worth the money? Up to you.
    There is the breaking rate to take into account, but most problems have been fixed now.

    I'm not going to list out a load of pros and cons, if you really want to know you should google each one.

    In the end it doesn't really matter (god, I hate Linkin Park) because each system gives you fantastic visuals. Whichever you can get cheaper would be a good idea tbh.

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    Re: XBOX 360 Vs PS3 - SERIOUS

    personally i dont own a ps3 but i own an xbox . i think the xbox is more social and has better games such as halo 3 , gears of war etc. but i must agree the ps3 have a ton of memory but the xbox is cheaper . i dont know , but i must say xbox 360 .

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    Re: XBOX 360 Vs PS3 - SERIOUS

    "I'm not going to list out a load of pros and cons, if you really want to know you should google each one."

    Quote from Jack, I suggest it Bolt, it wont take long before this thread gets out of hand use google to find games and info on the systems that are more to your liking, instead of waiting for probably bais posts.

    Also my two cents on the format war, Indeed BlueRay is the chosen format, your in safe hands there I guess. I take the view that content will be better accessed via the internet rather than a given format as its more accessible.


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