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    Sticky computer tips! (With some outside sources)

    Ok, I see many people here with computer problems (I know nev's thread can fix many of them such as speed, but these are more into the overclocking and stuff like building).

    So, to start off, I'd like to tell people this: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF GETTING INSIDE OF YOUR COMPUTER! I mean come on, really, you shouldn;t be scared! It's actually fun to dabble into your computer to get to the core of things and figure out how they work. You can even save money by just building a system! For a gamer, a system that should last you for a LONG time would be this (List courtesy of PCGamer Magazine: PC Builder's Bible):

    Case: Coolermaster 1000 - 200USD
    Motherboard (MoBo): Nvidia 780i - 250USD
    CPU: Intel Q9300 2.5GHz Quadcore - 270USD
    RAM: 1GB Corsair PC8500 DDR2 x2(2gigs) - 100USD
    GPU (Video Card): Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX - 300USD
    CPU Fan: Zalman 9700NT - 65USD
    Hard drive(HDD) Western Digital 500GB SE16 SATA - 90USD
    Optical Drive: Lite-On 20x SATA DVD R/W - 25USD

    With hardware prices going down, right now would most likely be the time to build a computer. I really recommend it. The are enough tutorials on the internet to kill a horse and it wouldn't hurt to read the fucking manual!

    You even have options to add like sound cards and media readers such as a Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer soundcard.

    People who do build the computer find out they have problems such as slow running, malfunctions, and the dreaded blue screen of death. A simple solution is to update to up-to-the-minute drivers. Just go to the component developer's website. Nvidia is a good example.

    Also, for your components, MAKE SURE YOUR POWER SUPPLY CAN HANDLE IT!

    With all these compnents, you'll need and external interface to work it. In lame-man's terms, a mouse and keyboard. A list of a few recommended items from me:

    +Logitech G5 Laser
    +Fatal1ty Gaming Mouse by CREATIVE inc.

    +Saitek ECLIPSE II
    +Logitech G15 or G11

    On a last note, this may get locked. I don;t blame you do to not many people I know here build computers. Yet, I would love to encourage people to do it since it is a big money saver and you can learn many things that can help you later in life even. Another thing is, I'll add more when I think of stuff. Send me some suggestions in the form of a PM please!

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    Re: Sticky computer tips! (With some outside sources)

    Another tip:

    Dont be afraid to buy things online.
    They are usually much cheaper and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!


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    Re: Sticky computer tips! (With some outside sources)

    I have 3 of those things in the Dream Machine


    Moar Tips:
    Choose the right Motherboard for you, If you will only be using the computer for work and Browsing, not gaming. I'd get a Motheboard that has the P35 or 750i Chipset, these are cheap, but more effective at basic tasks.

    If you are going serious buisness with your Computer, I heartily reccomend Getting a Motherboard with one of the following chipsets: X38, X48, 780i, 780a, 790i ULTRA and the AMD processor equvilant. These are more geared towards gaming, offering multiple SATA2, PCI-e X1 and X16 (Version 1.1 or 2.0*), PCI and Audio channels.

    Graphics wise aything over a ATi HD3850 or nVidia 8600GT would be best used for gaming. Anything in the HD3000 or 8000 series under the previously mentioned is good for browsing, offering newer technologies at a reasonable price. If you choose to use a Multiple graphics card setup (CrossfireX for ATi and SLI for nVidia) Make sure your Powersupply has enough wattage and cable connection (for one8800 ULTRA it requires you to connect a 6-pin and a 8-pin PCI-e connector directly from your Powersupply). Certain chipsets work with SLI/CrossfireX, For CrossfireX, the P35, X38 and X48 Chipsets support ONLY that, while the 700i/a Series ONLY supports SLI.

    Case wise, Any ATX Mid-tower will work fine with standard size equipment, if you plan to use larger items, a full ATX case is a must for easy use. Cooling is another important thing, make sure your case has ample fans, 2 120mm wil work fine for a mid priced system.

    *PCI-express version 2.0 offers a higher bandwidth than version 1.1, 5GB/s as compared to 3GB/s. Make sure you get a Motherboard that supports 2.0 if you want to unleash all the power of your graphics card

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    Re: Sticky computer tips! (With some outside sources)

    "it is a big money saver" No it isnt, not in all cases. I'm a fan of building machines myself, but in some cases it completly pointless. IE if someone wants to go and do web browsing and such there are really cheap machines out there. Even laptops have come waaay down in price.

    I was either gonna build my mother a PC for general use, but in actual fact it was cheaper to buy a laptop with better specs and with all the software.

    "It's actually fun to dabble into your computer"

    Not if people have a warrenty it isnt, it can get voided.

    Like I said I like building setups myself but you seem to be too bias to one method. I am locking this due to the fact you can find advice around the net if you wanted too.


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