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    The BIGGEST halo 3 bs ever.

    http://www.bungie.net/stats/Halo3/FileS ... a%20within

    Download and watch it made me rofl.


    Ok basically what happened was my friend Brad spawned after being shot in the head. So Brad walks up some stairs and notices a guy. Seeing a perfect opportunity for a quick kill he fires his weapon, nothing. So he fires 3 more shots into him. Nothing still. After being shot by Brad for the eighth time, he sees Brad and shoots him right in the shoulder. Brad takes cover after throwing around a few swears.

    Meanwhile I (Enlisted Nun) see brad getting shot at. So I hop on a ledge and shoot him once and that ONE bullet took him out, stealing brads kill. He later slapped me in the back.

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    Re: The BIGGEST halo 3 bs ever.

    Halo 3 takes place on the interwebz. It takes time for data to travel between the tubes and reach other people. Essentially, it's just really, really bad lag. When Brad was shooting him, he was actually somewhere else doing something else, but you weren't getting that information. Even though you're hitting where he is on your screen, you aren't hitting where he actually is in the game. When he starts moving, that's when you start receiving data about what he's doing.

    I'm also going to lock this. There's a nice big Halo 3 thread in this forum, and I don't see why this needs its own discussion. Feel free to post it there.

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    Re: The BIGGEST halo 3 bs ever.

    I'd just like to add that lots of games like halo is liable to use prediction, so less information the less reliable the game etc.


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