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Thread: Fable 2

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    Fable 2

    Well, all these years I've known "Fable is a popular game" But I never really understood why. I just wasn't paying any attention to it. (I don't beleive I've even seen gameplay of it)
    I've never been a big gamer until recently, and even still I'm not a big RPG fan. But Fable 2 has me absolutely giddy like a schoolgirl. I only just got this feeling after E3 brought my attention to it.

    The combat system is as simple as can be, but it sounds better than most combat systems I've seen lately. X is attacking with your melee weapon. Y uses ranged attacks, and B uses magic. Hold X to block. I'm sure holding Y is how you bring up the crosshairs for aiming more accurately with your gun. And pressing B while pointing an analogue stick at an enemy will fire a ranged magic spell, while simply pressing it will use a radial version of that spell.

    The game also looks absolutely stunning, and has very good animations, especially for an RPG. (Only RPG I've ever really played lately is Oblivion, so I may be wrong in that aspect)

    But for some reason, I'm most excited about the dog. It's just an amazing bit of AI, and I love dogs anyway, so roaming through the countryside with your dog ready to rip out the throat of your enemy, and then fetch a rubber ball for you just sounds awesome.
    There's a video that shows off a bit more dog action(Sounds kinky)than most others.

    There's too much for me to explain in one thread, so I'll just give you a few links if you don't already know for some reason.

    Quick overview of a few basic things:

    Developer's site:

    And here's an interesting hands-on article about it from IGN:

    And Youtube has plenty of videos of some cool gameplay. And of course all of the major gaming sites.

    Fable 2 is due out in October. Can't wait.

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    Re: Fable 2

    Lionhead, one of my favourite game developers. I've never played Fable, however Black and White was awesome, I've heard great things from Fable and Fable 2 will surely top it. I'll watch more videos about it later, however 5kb/s just doesn't cut it for me and videos right now :P

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    Re: Fable 2

    I fondly remember Fable, and I'm looking forward to Fable 2. Black and white was indeed a great game, as well.

    Hopefully Fable 2 will live up to the hype.
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    Re: Fable 2

    Man, I loved the first fable, what an awesome game.
    And I think Fable 2 is looking awesome. And the Coop thing looks cool. Even if your not playing with them, you still see what their doing, and where they are.
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    Re: Fable 2

    I still play Fable frequently.

    So yes, I can't wait for this game.

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    Re: Fable 2

    I've been following Fable 2 since 2006, it better not be huge cock up like it's predecessor.

    It's was a good cock up, but a cock up nonetheless.

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    Re: Fable 2

    I liked Fable, played it for quite a while, but it was quite short for an rpg.
    I hope they make Fable 2 longer than the first, it looks good so far though.

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    Re: Fable 2

    I'm definitely most excited about the online coop. I don't think any rpg has offered something like that before (excluding mmos of course). Also, the fact that you could buy every single building in the game has got me excited. Just that tells me that I'm going to be playing this game quite a bit.
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    Re: Fable 2

    I'm interested in this game, but I am more interested in Gears 2 and CoD "5." I might get this in a bit of time, once I have had those other two for a while, it is definitely something I want to play, but I don't want to spend 180$ on videos games in two months.


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