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Thread: Dreamscene

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    Well, i searched for it, and i didnt see it.

    Dreamscene is an additional features from Microsoft for Windows Vista Ultimate. It gives you the ability to select a video for your desktop background the same way you select a stationary picture. You can choose one of the high-quality looping videos that is included, or use a video from a company that produces content for DreamScene. You can even use your own video as a background.
    Dreamscenes are encoded using mpeg and wmv. There are agreeable amount of people saying mpeg is less cpu-consuming than wmv. Some Dreamscenes are encoded using additional plugin from Stardocks. More information on how to get it on vista here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyYzUqmFGHk

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    Re: Dreamscene

    YAr I have heard of this. My dad does this on his computer and he has home premium.


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