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    what audio equipment do you have?

    For me I have headphones, EDimensional AudioFX2

    May not be in the right spot, move it if it isnt.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    absolutely nothing besides one of those X-Box Live headphones

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    I have the following equipment for both audio and video:

    2 Xbox Live Headsets
    1 Dell Inspiron 1525 Built In Microphone
    2 Zune Headphones (HQ) (Packaged with the Zune, I have 2 Zunes since my aunt cracked my screen on the side, so there is this gash now on it)
    3 GE Detachable Headsets (HQ)
    1 Dell Microphone (Came with my very old Dell)

    1 Dell Inspiron 1525 Integrated Webcam (Not really HQ, but close enough)
    1 GE Webcam
    1 Logitech Quickcam
    1 Sony Camera
    1 Kodak Digital Camera

    Sony Vegas

    All I use...
    YouTube Channel | Community Channel
    Steam: chaotic50
    PSN: iFadeDx
    Skype: darkdemonusertim

    Feel free to add me, just let me know who you are.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    I just have headphones and Xbox 360 Head set.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    I've got some random brand surround sound system. Works well enough, though I haven't the space to add in rear speakers. I have to change that later...

    That and some cheap headphones. Not much of an audiophile, as you can plainly see.

    But, they serve for my purposes.
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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    I have a Tritton Gaming headset, which I use when on the xbox. 4 speakers per ear, plus a vibration "sub woofer" makes for a pretty good surround sound setup. I can also play as loud as I want without anyone whining about it. Comes with a built in microphone, so they work pretty well.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    Prepare yourselves:

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones, I use them for everyday music listening, a pair of Skullcandy Lowriders that I use with my laptop as they are foldable and portable, a Marantz SR6003 A/V Reciever that I use for surround sound, hi/fi and pretty much everything, which is hooked up to some Acoustic Energy Aegis Neo speakers, a full set of bookshelf, standing, centre and sub speakers. Instead of a CD player, which I have yet to buy, I have a Sony Blu-Ray (BP-350 I think) player which I can (obviously) watch Blu-Ray movies and DVDs, but also listen to CDs, with no real setback in quality, and a Pro-Ject something or other turntable, which I bought after my dad kindly gave me his record collection after finding nowhere to store them all.

    A nice set of stuff, I must say.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    Replaced my Sony ps3 set.

    And this with 8 more speakers.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    Some Philips speakers to plug my phone into,

    and my xbox360 headset.

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    Re: what audio equipment do you have?

    For listening to music, Alessandro MS-2's. I don't know many $80 (used mind you) headphones that have (scientifically proven) better sound quality than $500 headphones by bigger brands like Sennheiser and Bose. For my iPod I have a pair of used Super Fi Pro 5 earbuds. Once again, I got them for $80 ($250 new) and they sound much better than some things I've listened to that cost 3 times as much. Finally, I have a set of wireless Sennhesier RS136's for playing xbox with. The main reason is that they're comfortable, wireless and decent and picking up small noises. They definitely aren't as good as the MS-2's, but they're good enough for gaming.

    On a related note, the best deal you can find with speakers is if you find some from the 40's-70's. I picked up a set of old AR-3a's for $100 (a great deal mind you, the same set is like $500 from a quick check on eBay) at a yard sale for my dorm and bought some replacement tweeters for $20. $100 may seem hefty for 40 year old speakers, but most people consider them to be the greatest loudspeaker ever made. Plus, if they were adjusted for inflation they would cost $4000+ today. From a tonal accuracy standpoint, there has been very little change in the quality of speakers since the 40's, since most of the advancements have been made for logistics and adapting amplification/recieving technology. So pretty mcuh, I spent $120 and got some speakers that were $4000 new in the 60's, and sound just as good as speakers that cost that much today. Albeit they can't go nearly as loud, but the flatness of their response is legendary.

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