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    The Official Bioshock 2 Discussion

    I know there is already a topic for the trailer, but this is discussion. Kind of like how they have a MW2 discussion thread, so multiple of them don't start popping up.

    I just got the game, and so far it is even better than I expected. Multiple new guns to choose from, and I like the way they redid hacking. The .50 Machine Gun could be more accurate, though. It can't shoot for shit at medium/long range. Trap Rivets I really love, quite handy when your Little Sister is collecting Adam. I haven't gotten into multiplayer yet, I don't expect too much from it. Bioshock just doesn't seem like a game that could support an interesting multiplayer feature. But I preordered for the two extra characters anyway :P.

    Anyone else have it/plan on getting it?

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    Re: The Official Bioshock 2 Discussion

    My buddy and I played it a lot today. From what I've seen, it's a great game. It's not really that different from the first in terms of game-play. I thought playing as a Big Daddy would be better, though. Big Daddy's are super strong, and have tons of health - why does this particular one die after a few shots and a few hits from a wrench? Those two things aside, it's a fun and seems to be a great game. The visuals are just incredible, and the cut-scenes are entertaining.
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    Re: The Official Bioshock 2 Discussion

    Haven't played much singleplayer, but I'm loving it already.
    But I hate the multiplayer. The controls are terrible.
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    Re: The Official Bioshock 2 Discussion

    No, do not want a discussion thread for every game released. Go post in the other thread.


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