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    Best Game Controller?

    Somewhat related Topic:

    Worst Game Controller? ***Poll***

    (Staffs, if you think this topic is too similar to the topic "Worst Game Controller? ***Poll***" due to both discussions are about what's the best and worse. Then lock if you wish. I thought it would be better to make separate topics.) What's the best game controller you've used or the coolest looking? Please post pictures of controller or whatever (You don't have to of course).

    In my opinion...

    The keyboard and mouse dominates every "controller". This is the easiest to use for FPS games (For me anyway) and you can chat by typing on multiplayer games, mikes not required. Using actual game controllers for FPS games are VERY hard for me.

    What's the best controller or controller type thing you've used or what's the coolest you've seen?

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    Re: Best Game Controller?

    Users can discuss the best game controller in the same thread...


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