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    DJ Max Technika & Razing Storm

    Who has ever played DJ Max Technika and Razing Storm?
    Every time i go to the city, i go straight to Galaxy World and play those two games.
    Anyone who has played or plays DJ Max Technika and Razing Storm, talk about it here.
    You liked it? High score? watever and etc

    I really like playing DJ Max Technika. I don't know why. Maybe because of the looks. Maybe the Quality and songs. I don't know but its probably because its like a huge version of Tap Tap on iTouch but way better with really nice songs.
    I'm alright in Technika. I usually get ranks F to B on levels 2's and 3's songs and currently ranked 42.
    My favourite song on Technika would be "The Clear Blue Sky". Has a real nice rhythm and feel to it and the Animation is really nice. If Technika comes out on DS then i'll definitely get it.

    Razing Storm is pretty awesome. I'm pretty good at it and probably better at Razing Storm than Technika. Loads of things to shoot at. The annoying part of the game is when i have to sniper down the enemy soldiers from afar and a head-shot would take em out quick but i find it annoying coz the aimer moves around as the character breathes...
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    Re: DJ Max Technika & Razing Storm

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