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    Once more unto the Breach (Halo Reach ViDoc)


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    Re: Once more unto the Breach (Halo Reach ViDoc)

    i think they need to stop makeing halos they have to many of them have them make a NEW GAME FOR ONCE

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    Re: Once more unto the Breach (Halo Reach ViDoc)

    Reach is the last Halo game.

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    Re: Once more unto the Breach (Halo Reach ViDoc)

    This is looking truly amazing. The fact that you can have what? Fourty plus AI on a field at any given time? The fact that the campaign is more sandbox, less scripted? The thousands of colliding particles making my annoyances at the 100 item limit in Halo 3 all gone?

    Something about this game just looks good. i don't think I was this excited for Halo 3.

    Oh, and kill moves are as such: A melee will still kill in an instant assassination, like we're used to, but if you hold it down, you will launch into an animation kill move. Now that system, I like.

    The game looks distinctly different from Halo 3. Something about it feels more immense, more epic, more complete. I can't wait to see how they integrate all of the different aspects into one, but I have a belief in Bungie. They've done well so far, let's see if they can top it off, shall we?
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