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    Assassin's Creed Game

    Anyone played it? Number 1 & 2? I've only got number 2, but I finished it in about 3 days.
    I reckon it's on of the best games of our generation.

    It has a good storyline, but it's more going around killing people than a story line.
    But it still has quite a good storyline to it.

    There is going to be a number 3, for sho, because at the end of 2 you meat with a girl named Minerva, an she tells you about history & shit, but she practically implies that there is going to be a number 3.

    Also because you have not gotten up to the modern day times yet, with which I think that the next one will be placed in modern day times.

    What is everyones opinion?
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    Re: Assassin's Creed Game

    My opinion is gaming and computers section.

    And they've already confirmed Assassin's will be a trilogy. It wont be up to modern times, you'll play as another pre20th century assassin.

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    Re: Assassin's Creed Game

    I disagree with you when you say 'I reckon it's one of the best games of this generation'. The games are alright. They're repetitive as all fuck, which makes them boring after about an hour of game-play. The free-roaming is cool at first, then it's just the same thing over and over. Same with the missions and shit. I just find the games to be boring. Some of the fighting, counters, and combos are pretty fucking sick, though.
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