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    My Thoughts: on modern warfare 2(weekly review)

    [center:1anmxc6m]My Thoughts: on modern warfare 2[/center:1anmxc6m]

    some say genius!, brilliant!, incredible! but what most say: best fps game of all time!

    what i think: modern warfare 2 is probably the most exciting, action packed game i have ever played.

    Bright Side:
    mw2 has really great graphics and awesome multipayer action! along with a very cool single player campaign.

    Bad Side:
    i couldn't find any reasons but three, so i put this video.

    next review: GTA 4

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    Re: My Thoughts: on modern warfare 2(weekly review)

    I'm locking this. Very half assed review with little to no point. Plus you just said "OMG IT'S GREAT", not why. Then you let someone else discuss the cons for you...

    This is not a review. If you wanna talk about MW2 do so in the current thread.


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