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Thread: Aion Online

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    Aion Online

    Yeah, just got it, installing it now. If you have played it, I want to know if it's really worth the membership, I'll probably try a free trial if I can.

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    Re: Aion Online

    Just check gamespot's review, it becomes a generic mmorpg after the first 10 levels. I tried the game, and it bored me to be honest, flying didn't change the gameplay at all if you're wondering, monsters can magically rise up in the sky to attack you anyways. Shitty game.

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    Re: Aion Online

    I played it before the beta came out on the English patch. It's alright, but I didn't get too far. My time ran out a bit after I made it to the first big town. It's alright, but I can't say much, as I didn't get too far into the game. (I actually got into the closed beta.)


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