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    Favourite games.

    Title is pretty self-explanatory. Say what's your favourite games and why, I'll start.

    1- Half-Life 2 series - They're just amazingly fun, story-line is fabulous, good action-packed game. I didn't even finish the first HL:2, I can tell the rest is going to be amazing.

    2- Team Fortress 2 - Concept is pretty much simple, pick a guy, kill people. My favourite class has to be the scout or the heavy. Plus I've never had any problems with the community.

    3- Assassin's Creed 2 - Really well done, story-line is fun. Huge improvement from the first. That's pretty much it, I'm just playing for the story-line.

    4- Left 4 Dead 1&2 - I was a bit sad when Valve said they were going to make another one, I wanted a DLC. I forgave Valve when I played it, there's no concept but I like killing zombies.

    5- Grand Theft Auto series - A lot of fun, since there's so much freedom. And I love the story, I get tired of running around killing random civvies, I really liked IV's story a lot, Niko my cousin! :P
    Free falling and parachuting in Ballad of The Gay Tony was pretty sweet too.

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    Re: Favourite games.

    I freaking love pikmin it's a great strategy game and it's super fun


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