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Thread: Crysis 2

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    Crysis 2

    I'm pretty sure this topic hasn't been made? So they really are making a Crysis 2. I honestly hope it's longer, thats's the worst thing about the first one, it took like 2 hours to beat, although I'm having a frick load of fun on the Map Editor. When it does come out though, I'm sure it'll have better graphics than the first. Tell me what you guys think, success or a complete fail?

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    Re: Crysis 2

    Yes it will have better graphics. Although more tweaked rather than "better", in a sense. The crysis graphics suck anyway. Way too much computer and not enough natural. It'll be using the cryengine 3 which has a BADASS map editor. I know what you mean about that, I made my own single player campaign with it

    The best thing about the game is the engine imo. So much fun in the editor.


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