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Thread: PC Experiences

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    PC Experiences

    I don't care about mac.
    Just talk about some PC Experiences that are good or bad.

    I had two operating systems on one hard-drive as in Windows 7 and XP on one hard-drive but two separate partitions. I was dual-booting because I wanted to keep my XP files and wanted to try Windows 7 Ultimate. It was great but then came a time when XP stopped working completely, couldn't logon, just enter the C:/ drive where it lay and rotted. Didn't really matter me for a while, but I got ambitious and wanted to remove it completely without doing a fresh installation of windows 7. Seems straight-forward and the smart thing to do if you have the ability. Though a problem occured, I used an incompatible partition manager, "Partition Magic 8" and after I used that my computer just hung. I couldn't log-in it just said "abort this action by pressing any key" but that didn't work and would just restart the computer. I was in a dead space because my CD-Drive didn't seem to want to respond and I couldn't repair. Until, suddenly, after about 1-2 hours of trying and testing, startup recovery comes up and I jump with joy as I recover my boot and NTDLR files and am able to log-in. The next day something happens again, this time it's worse and it's irreversible. Seems as if the files my windows 7 was using from my XP because it was a dual-boot went corrupt and basically, I was left in a hang situation, where the screen just went black and CTRL+ALT+DEL just made it restart the computer. When I booted up after a while it said NTDLR file missing and I was in complete SHIT. Luckily I had installed the drivers for my CD-Drive and voila my Windows 7 CD was about to work. But alas more trouble, since I have and IDE Hard-drive and my mother-board is a bit older it didn't seem to read the win 7 cd so I couldn't boot from it. So, what I did was bring out the old XP CD and installed that on to it, which took about an 1 hour or so. After that I found out my problem about why I couldn't load windows 7, I had something called an CD CODE: 5 problem which was fixable, if you had a floppy disk. Which I did, because my dad is amazing and keeps all his files and stuff archived. So I grabbed one and followed all the procedures, and now I am here again on a fresh install of Win 7.
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    Re: PC Experiences

    I was 9 and my brother set up my whole computer for me; installed Windows 2000, bought me a 80 GB hardrive, half a gig of RAM, and so much more. At the time my computer was a medium-range system. I was playing around one day and all of a sudden my computer turned off. I started up and nothing worked. I probably had a Boot-sector virus or something such, but I can't recall. I was so scared that my brother would be mad at me, that I unplugged the computer and opened it up. I messed with the screws and stuff for practically five hours straight. I put the case back on and tried booting the computer but it still didn't work. I took the computer and put it in my brothers room, and when he got home I sat in the 2 feet of unused closet I had and stayed there for about an hour. During that time I was so scared that my brother would be mad. After that hour of waiting, I heard someone knock on the closet. It was my brother and he asked me why there was glue on the motherboard. Apparently I glued bolts to it and taped it to the inside of the computer case.

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    Re: PC Experiences


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    Re: PC Experiences

    Still pretty young
    Building a computer for first time
    Everything put together
    Not working
    Troubleshoot and get stressed about it for the rest of the day
    Didn't plug in the 4 pin CPU power thingy
    It is now working
    I am happy

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    Re: PC Experiences

    Only experience I've ever had with a PC that has truly pissed me off royally is when I got Windows Vista on my first laptop, which to be honest was complete shit. Anyway, was trying to enable Aero Glass because I had Home Premium or Ultimate, can't remember which anymore and I couldn't enable it whatsoever and it drove me up a fucking wall just trying to figure out how to enable it. Turns out my integrated chipset that came with the laptop, was so shit that it couldn't even run it to begin with.
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