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Thread: Gears Of War 3

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    Gears Of War 3

    New footage was released at E3

    I loved the first one but hated the second, and I remember reading somewhere that Gears3 was supposed to "embrace the shotgun", so hopefully it will be more like the first game.

    E: New Beast Mode

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    Re: Gears Of War 3

    I don't know whether or not I like the new design of Gears of War 3, like the atmosphere and costumes. What was wrong with the previous suits of armor? They looked a bit more badass.
    And it looks like from the demo shown at E3, aiming's being made more difficult in the game.

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    Re: Gears Of War 3

    I'm not super impressed. It looks exactly like Gears, I think I saw a grand total of three big changes. 1, 4 player co-op. 2, some new enemies. 3, nobody wears shirts anymore. :/

    I'll probably still be getting it, because I'm dumb and I still hold out hope that they'll fix multiplayer host issues, but it looks very similar to previous games.


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