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    Pokemon Black / White Screenshots


    They've release screenshots of the gameplay and (presumably) how the final product is going to look. And save for the short increase in depth (which is ironic, considering they avoided releasing this on the soon-to-come 3DS) this looks like a slightly improved HG/SS. They've also released some new pokemon designs. Some look lackluster while others look promising.

    they've changed the bottom screen though. It includes a map and some other various functions. Reminds me of the 4th gen., Pearl's apps.

    Nice depth.
    Showing more environmental effects.
    Hey, does this mean we get drawn cutscenes? Closeups that aren't just stretched pixels?

    Introducing: Triple battles!
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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    I don't really like the idea of triple battles. Personally, I thought the double battles were a little too much. Also, some of the Pokemon do look pretty terrible. Then there are some others that do look to pretty cool. The depth of the environment looks pretty cool too.

    I must say I'm actually not very excited for this game, but I'll most likely be picking up a copy.
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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    Triple battles? Tourney fags eat your fucking hearts out.

    I'm not really interested in screen-shots as much as I am seeing all the new Pokemon, 'cause I know they're going to be fucking ridiculous.
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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    2010 and the battles still look like rendered on a Gameboy advance. I can't seem to get it.

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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    The girl is hot.

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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    Can't wait for it.

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    Re: Pokemon Black / White Screenshots

    It also has video chat which means 40yr olds can lure 10yr olds much easier.


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