Mother [1,2,3] was a series of classic games created for the NES, SNES, and Gameboy advance in Japan. It's really interesting on it's switch to the USA, as there were a lot of complications and cancellations on it... eventually, there was only one game released in the USA, even though all of them had fan translations around the internet: Earthbound.
Many of you may know the familiar characters from the Super Smash Bros. series, where Ness starred in all of them, and Lucas appeared in just the latest, Brawl. I always wondered where these characters came from, as I never saw anything about them. In brawl, my favorite character quickly grew to be Lucas, and that recently got me interested in his origin after I picked up playing brawl with my family again.

I went through extensive research on the games, and even ended up downloading an emulator and rom for Earthbound. I've not gotten through much in the game, but I must say, it really is an interesting game. Playing with the mindset that this was created for the SNES and that it was made in an old time, I found it was very captivating as it was japan making an RPG set from the rest of the big RPG community, where it played in a sort of mock-USA rather than japan or another setting.

The most interesting aspect of the game is the modernization of it; the weapons used in it weren't what you would expect. I found that in mother 1, Ness (known as 'Ninten' in Japan, representing a shorter version of 'Nintendo') used a yo-yo, and through my gameplay in Earthbound, I started out with a cracked bat, and you eventually can buy a cooking pan for a weapon. The game has a money system that follows american currency, and you get money through various ways, and in the gameplay I've had so far, Ness' father deposits money in your account.

What really drew my attention to the game was the aspect of PSI, the psychic powers gifted to fighters in the game, despite how modern and such the game really is. I've had a lot of fun with this game as I play it every night before I go to bed. The main objective in the game is to beat a race of aliens who landed on a meteor outside of Onett. The race is led by Giygas, an alien from a distant galaxy with the power to influence people using their own evil nature.

The main reason I posted this here was to share what I found with you all. This masterpiece is literally a game lost in time, as you can read more about it with the wikia link under this paragraph of how the game went through release dates and such. I want to discuss what you all think of the whole thing.

Earthbound (Series).

I would love if the game was recreated for a new modernized system with graphics to see, as the original games have such a great music selection and would be really interesting with full-blown graphics. With a new game, it would also be cool to see a more freelance fighting style, as there is no visual in earthbound.. it's more like text-based fighting. Thoughts?