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Thread: Warface

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    Has anyone been into it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Warface.com
    Warface is powered by CryENGINE 3 making it not only an industry leader in visuals, but also highly accessible for all types of PC. It offers deep interaction with other players adding a level of team play and immersion never before seen in this type of game. Daily content updates in PVE combined with a thrilling, fast paced PVP mode that makes Warface a truly next-gen shooter.
    I personally signed up for the closed beta, for I am truly excited for this.
    At this very moment, Warface is only released and available to play in Russia, Germany and Asia, if I am correct and the info I read so far is authentic.
    On a lighter note, Warface is fully Free-to-Play, however some features like levelling up faster require a real sum of money.
    What drives me into this game so madly is definitely the weapons category. Whether you like them stealthy, brutal or just balanced, they're all there.

    So, what are your opinions on this?

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    Re: Warface

    A f2p shooter that allows you to ADS without special attachments?
    I already love this game.


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