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Thread: Guild Wars 2

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    Guild Wars 2

    Anyone playing this? I know there was a thread, but didn't want to bump it, it was from 2010. Anyway, I love it so far.

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    Re: Guild Wars 2

    I played a bit as a human engie in a beta event a while ago, was a lot of fun. I started an asura engie yesterday, haven't played much yet. But I preferred the human start, personally.
    It really seems like an impressive game, especially the scenery. I also think they've implemented the dynamic events system really well, and the way questing works also seems really nice.
    Currently I'm playing on my brother's account, I dunno if I want to buy a copy for myself. I don't really have time to really get into the game, so I don't think it'd be worth it. Maybe after I finish school in 3 years haha.
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