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    The Gaming Crusade!

    So on one of the Podcasts (3, I think?) I mentioned that me and Yogurt would be making a Youtube channel for all of our let's play videos and the like. The good news is that it's up and almost ready!

    I also wanted to offer people an opportunity to take part in some of our let's play's! I'm currently planning on letting 3 more people in, so that we would have a team of 6 (Me, Yogurt & Blot are already a part of that), and who better to ask than the DD community!

    So there are a few requirements for the position:

    You must have a decent internet connection. Preferably over 10mb.

    The quality of your microphone is important. It doesn't have to be expensive, but if your voice isn't clear, or there's a lot of background distortion you won't be invited.

    You need to be able to get hold of games relatively easily. We probably won't be playing games as soon as they come out so they shouldn't cost the world, but it would be good if you could at least buy a few of the same games as us.

    You need a decent PC and Fraps, there will be multi-camera recording and solo gameplay videos

    You need Steam!

    - If you can't meet those requirements you won't be allowed in, sorry, but to make this as good as it can be I have to be slightly restrictive.

    Now as I'm not trying to advertise the channel, just looking for people who might be interested in playing games, I won't provide the link to the channel unless asked for it (it's hard not to sound like you're advertising... :\).

    Here's the first episode of me and Yogurts Minecraft playthrough!


    And we'll hopefully be playing Killing Floor soon, too!

    Anyone who's interested can either let me know here or PM me! Let's see if we can make some cool stuff

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    I'd like to be apart of this. I have steam.. But I may or may not have lost the password. Mic is no problem, I can use my Beaches
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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    You know I am willing and able.

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blot
    You know I am willing and able.
    You're already a part of this you niggy noggy.

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    Fuck you Slashed.

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    I can't join this :/, my internet is total crap. And my mic isn't that good. Anyway good luck peeps. Looking forward to this.
    im havolis

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    I'd love to join! I have a great mic and fraps. The only problem should be getting games quickly, but as long as it's not a game every week or something it's all good!

    Oh, and I don't have a awesome PC. High quality games won't run that well on it, but if anyone on the team has an xbox we could work something out.

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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    Oh you know how much I'd be in this if I had decent internet and my headset mic still worked. Oh well, best of luck!
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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    Shitnet, sorry Slashed T_T
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    Re: The Gaming Crusade!

    Might I ask why for the high requirement for internet? Are these also going to be streamed or whatever it may be, or is it for downloading the games?

    I might sign up, my computer is great when it comes to recording full-size with FRAPS on high end games.
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