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    NVIDIA Project Shield


    It's sort of like a Gameboy/PS3/Xbox mixed together. Discuss.

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    Re: NVIDIA Project Shield

    I've heard about this and the firs thing I thought was that a lot of new consoles are being released lately. I mean:
    - Steambox Xi3
    - Razer Gaming Tablet
    - OUYA
    - Game Stik
    - All the new generation mainstream consoles.

    Anyway, Project Shield looks quite promising so far, but I felt like anything they have shown so far has been nothing short of a cinematic glorification of the product, so I'm gonna have to wait and see how this turns out. The speakers are said to be quite good, which is nice, but I don't think it matters a lot, considering I don't wanna max my speakers in public places (where I assume it will be used for a large part) like the airport, on the bus, etc.
    The design looks slick although it seems kind of uncomfortable to hold and get used to the handling which is in my opinion a big turn-off.

    I'm gonna have to wait this one out until they release more actual content on the product or at least a public, physical prototype of some sort.


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